That Time of Year Again

Well, like it or not, it’s that time of year again. Time to put away all the summer & even fall things away. For some this means getting the boat winterized, maybe the dock pulled out and all that goes with that, for others, like myself, it means getting the motorcycle put away and the kayaks stored away. As I do these end of season chores I think about how I wished I could’ve gotten in a few more rides, a few more trips down the river. But, it was a good year overall, and there’s always next season, and it gives me time to get the bike in shape for next year.

As much as I will miss the warm weather activities, winter brings its own kinda fun, at least when you’re lucky enough to live somewhere like Antrim County Michigan, where I live. While we have some of the best boating, on lakes like Bellaire, Torch, Michigan, and so many others, including the Chain of Lakes, beautiful rivers for kayaking, Jordan, Cedar, and Grass, and highways & back country roads that are second to none for exploring by motorcycle, or any vehicle for that matter, with everything to see, from coastlines to vineyards, farms and just cool little towns, we also have some of the best places for winter activities also. If skiing is your thing, we have The Shanty Creek Resorts, which includes Schuss Mtn., and it’s just a short drive to Boyne Mtn., and many miles of beautiful cross country trails. Maybe you like snowmobiling, with access from Antrim County, you can go pretty much anywhere in Northern Michigan on the trail system, across the state, to Grayling, to Mackinac and the Upper Peninsula. It’s a great system, some of it DNR, some private, but all good.

Another pastime that is gaining in popularity here is snowshoeing. I just tried it last year for the first time, and I’m hooked. Those great hiking trails I have enjoyed for so many summers take on a whole new look & feel when covered in snow. Some of the views you don’t see because of the leaves on trees become an amazing vista in the winter.

With a central location, Antrim County also offers an easy drive or ride to places like Charlevoix, Petoskey, Gaylord, and Traverse City. Good food, from fast food, bar food & family dining, to fine dining can be found here. Places to stay, from cottage rentals and mom and pop motels, to upscale resort rooms with fireplaces and hot tubs are available.

No matter what winter activities you’re into, from snowmobiling to skiing, or just sitting around a cozy fire with family and friends, there really is no better place to enjoy the season than Antrim County Michigan. A truly four season paradise.


About markdouglas2013

Just enjoying life in one of best places on earth, hoping to introduce those that haven't experienced this part of the world to what makes this area so special.
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