Let’s Ride!

It’s January, the month where people in places with climates like we have here in northern Michigan start dreaming of warmer weather, talking of things we did last summer, getting ideas of things to do this coming summer. Winter is in full effect, still a lot of snow sports to keep us entertained, whether that would be downhill or cross country skiing at Shanty Creek Resorts, Boyne Mountain, or one of the other ski resorts in the area, snow shoeing in one of the natural areas, ice fishing on the lakes, or hitting the trails on the snowmobiles. Whatever winter activities a person is into, we are truly blessed.

For many, “let’s ride” this time of year means jumping on the sleds and riding the trails, which from here in Antrim County will take you all over northern Michigan on hundreds of miles of groomed trails. For the rest of us, it means dreaming about riding our motorcycles in the warmer times. Get together with biker friends on a cold mid winter night and the conversation will usually turn to the great and not so great rides of summers past, and the places we would like to ride this year.

As much as we are blessed with all that winter has to offer, I feel like we are even more so when it comes to our riding opportunities, living in Central Lake Mi., right in the heart of all that northwest Mi has to offer, some of the prettiest roads you will find anywhere. Leelanau wine country, Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore (Prettiest Place in America according to Good Morning America), Mackinac City, The Tunnel of Trees, Lakes Michigan and Huron, not to mention all the beautiful inland lake routes. all these places within a couple hour ride from Central Lake.

I have riders come here from out of town that I take on mini-tours a few times a year. Every one of them have come back year after year, telling me this is their favorite place to ride. It does make it a little better that I know a lot of the routes that wont show up on a regular tour map that seems to keep everyone on the main roads, there is so much more to see off the beaten path.

If you are looking for a great place to spend a few days riding this summer, or if you are part of a group looking to find a new place to hold an annual get together, you’re gonna be hard pressed to find a better location than Antrim County, specifically Central Lake Michigan, in northern Antrim County.Image


About markdouglas2013

Just enjoying life in one of best places on earth, hoping to introduce those that haven't experienced this part of the world to what makes this area so special.
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