How many times have we heard of the importance of teamwork? Or how two heads are better than one? We have all heard all the cliches, the aphorisms, that describe how much better things can go when we work together as a team, with a common goal. Too many times people hear the word teamwork, but don’t really listen to what it truly means. We see it in sports, politics, the workplace, even in our families. There are times when it seems like there are egos that just can’t grasp the concept of teamwork. They may even be the ones who talk the talk, but when it comes down to making things happen, well, let’s just say a lot of things have gone undone because of a Texas sized ego getting in the way.  We’ve all experienced it at one time or another.

Earlier this year another Realtor in my office asked me if I would be interested in becoming a team, working together on marketing real estate.  I welcomed the opportunity, in part because I liked the idea of being part of a team, but also because I knew there was a lot I could learn from him, and hopefully I could contribute something that would help the team.

Here in Bellaire, in Northern Michigan’s Chain-O-Lakes area, we are mostly a resort community. Not a place where people have to buy a home, but where they want to buy one. We do have people moving into and out of the area, but primarily sales of properties here are second homes, or hunting properties, with the lions share of sales being in The Shanty Creek Resorts community. Winter brings us the skiers and snowmobilers that help get us through the cold season, summer brings us the golfers, boaters, and those that just love all that this area offers. That puts spring and fall as our traditionally slow periods. When it’s busy, things can get hectic here, when it slows down, it doesn’t seem like there is enough. When I was working solo, when it became the slow season, I would almost feel like giving up at times. When the busy season came around, there were times I felt overwhelmed. As part of a team, things are much more orderly, with two of to focus on business, not only are we able to keep busy during off times, but we can work together during the busy season to keep things on track and in order.

The real winners in our case is not just Team Chain-O-Lakes, but our clients. With a team, they can be certain that one of us is available for anything they need. Instead of calling with a question or a need, only to find out your Realtor is out of town, or out with other clients, one of us is usually available.                                                                                                              Since becoming a team, we have seen our productivity go up,  and that has not been the trend with other Realtors I have talked to.                                                                                    If you have been thinking of buying a condominium, lake home, or resort or hunting property in the best part of Northern Michigan, Antrim or Charlevoix County, or maybe you already have a home or property here and are thinking of selling, call Team Chain-O-Lakes, part of Coldwell Banker Schmidt. The number one real estate company of Northwest Michigan.

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Torch lake


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Just enjoying life in one of best places on earth, hoping to introduce those that haven't experienced this part of the world to what makes this area so special.
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